On top of the world

Laura always struggled to find comfortable boots, having played as a committed amateur around the world. While breaking the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude football match to highlight gender inequality in sport, she realised most women face the same problem.

She met Ben playing indoor football for "The Galahs" in Australia's Premier Elite* Futsal competition. They decided to team up.

*Social Mixed Fifth Division Sunday League

The Frankenshoe

Laura and Ben assembled a team of professionals from football and footwear to identify what would make the perfect women's boot. The first prototypes, affectionately known as the "Frankenshoe" were produced in Laura's kitchen and put together with the help of shoemakers here in Melbourne.

We have a boot!

Laura then broke the Guinness World Record* for the lowest altitude match at the Dead Sea in Jordan. We tested prototypes with athletes, including amateurs and professionals. They said they were the most comfortable boots they'd ever worn.

*Ben injured his knee over-celebrating a goal in a practice game on the same trip.

The not too distant future...

Now that Ben and Laura have found what makes the perfect female boot, they've released them to your feet and the world. 

Ida Sports

What's in a name?

Ida [/ˈaɪdə/] means many things to us. Ida is a Germanic name that means 'work' - which is what our athletes do tirelessly on and off the pitch.

Beyond that, Idas are just cool. Google them. From Ida B. Wells, a champion of the Civil Rights movement to Ida Presti, amazing classical guitarist of the 20th Century. Idas are straight up badasses.

Ida also means 'to go', in Spanish and Portuguese, and can also translate as, 'the way'. We're always on the move and searching for a different way of doing things.

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