Ida has one goal: to make awesome football boots for women. We believe women deserve incredible performance footwear that is also really comfy. Say no to pain, wear Idas.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, at Ida, we believe you should have choices and access to the best equipment when you step onto the field.



We design for women's bodies

Many in the industry use the term “shrink it and pink it” when releasing products for women. We believe women aren’t just small men so we design first and foremost with women in mind. We start with the measurements for female athletes and at every step of the journey, we create with the player in mind.

We create choices for players

When we talk about feet, we talk about sizing and shape ‘in general’. But we know that athletes and players are individuals. We want to create alternatives so that everyone feels supported in the sport and has the choice to wear something they love to play sport.

We listen to athletes

We’re pretty wild cats at Ida and we do radical things: we listen to women. We spend most of our time listening to athletes and gathering feedback from players. This is how our first boot ended up not pink.

We love research

There is a marked data gap between men and women and there are far fewer research papers on female sport, design and performance. We are committed to closing this research gap and are continually connecting with researchers to get the latest thinking out to players.

"We’re perfecting the process"

We’re using the latest technology and research to continuously push the boundaries for female athletes.

We believe everyone should have access to comfy boots and a pain-free playing experience. Go kick some goals!

Pick A Team


Matte black leather with flashes of red to warn off your opponents. You're fast, feisty and ready to attack.


Classic footy boots with a modern twist. You're cool, calm and ready to breeze past the opposition.

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