Why hasn’t someone already built a women’s boot?

While some websites may have ‘women’s boots’, these are simply men's boots relabelled 'unisex'. Unisex never means women's and does not address the anatomical differences between men and women.

What are the anatomical differences between men’s and women’s feet?

In general, women tend to have a narrower heel and wider forefoot, as well as higher arches. Every foot is different and some women may fit men's boots better. It's all about finding the right shoe for you. 

How was the boot designed?

We've worked with podiatrists, physiotherapists, biomechanists, and players to ensure we had research, science, and professional opinions at the forefront of design. We then teamed up with talented podiatrists and designers to build not just a comfortable boot, but a beautiful one.

Why are you using kangaroo leather?

We are using sustainably-sourced kangaroo leather which is light, durable, and moulds to your feet. This ensures a more specific fit and more comfort while playing.

Can I get cool laces?

Sure thing. What colours do you want? Let us know!

Why isn’t the boot pink?

*Sigh* Companies tend to include women by the principle: “shrink it and pink it”, meaning men’s boots in pink. We don’t want to perpetuate this stereotype, rather, we asked players what they wanted *gasp* and they liked black.

However...we're all about choice, so if you want us to make a pink boot in the future, get in touch. 

Are you supporting teams?

We are working with teams in Melbourne to test the boots, and in the future we hope to sponsor teams.  

What other things are you doing?

We know that women's sport is currently underfunded and overlooked. We want to change that by donating part of our profits to projects close to our hearts. Get in touch if you want to nominate an organisation. 

What’s next?

We’re not going to stop with just football and futsal. We know that there’s a gap for women in cricket, basketball, and many other sports. Let us know which sport you think we should tackle next with our Contact Us! form.

Who’s on your team?

Ben and Laura have assembled a team of enthusiasts to work on design, marketing, accounting, website development, research, …, and you can find out more about them in the Meet the Team page.

If we haven't answered your burning questions here, feel free to Contact Us!